Action Taken to Curtail Portuguese Internetwork Firm Accused of Latest BGP Hijack

via Ronald F. Guilmette (writing on the NANOG Mailinmg List), in which, his evident disgust (shared I’m sure by the majority of network engineers reading the NANOG List), at BGP route hijacks executed allegedly by BitCanal – a Portuguese firm, at this point, held in the lowest regards. Read more on the Oracle+Dyn blog post well crafted by Doug Madory, or Ronald F. Guilmette’s email on the NANOG List (a short snippet also follows).

“Sometimes I see stuff that just makes me shake my head in disbelief. Here is a good example:
I mean seriously, WTF?
As should be blatantly self-evident to pretty much everyone who has ever looked at any of the Internet’s innumeriable prior incidents of very deliberately engineered IP space hijackings, all of the routes currently being announced by AS3266 (Bitcanal, Portugal) except for the ones in 213/8 are bloody obvious hijacks. (And to their credit, even Spamhaus has a couple of the U.S. legacy /16 blocks explicitly listed as such.)” – Ronald F. Guilmette at NANOG Mailing List Archive

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