SecuriThings Unveils Two-Click Deployment to Protect IP Cameras Against Growing Hacker Threats

Enables Organizations to Quickly, Effortlessly Secure and Monitor Video Surveillance Deployments

TEL AVIV, June 18, 2018 — SecuriThings, a world leader in IoT security, today unveiled a new capability that enables system integrators to rapidly deploy the SecuriThings solution onto operating IP cameras for immediate monitoring and remediation. Using common video management software (VMS), SecuriThings agents are quickly and effortlessly uploaded to existing video surveillance deployments, with no additional configuration necessary.

IP cameras are crucial components of any physical security or safe city deployment. However, these devices are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This has led to a surge of hacking incidents including cameras infected with malware, cameras participating in DDoS attacks, and video footage being accessed by hostile nations and predators.

Hacked security cameras can also suffer severe performance degradation and become unable to communicate properly when needed, leading to expensive maintenance, replacement and liability fees.

SecuriThings’ solution is a lightweight software agent that is remotely deployed to security cameras via two simple clicks in the VMS, in order to monitor the devices in real time and transmit cyber security related data back for processing. The devices are then monitored by SecuriThings’ IoT Security Operations Center, a fully managed service that ensures the real-time detection and mitigation of IoT cyber-threats.

“Until now, there have been no effective security measures for IP cameras; they have limited computational power, so traditional IT security solutions are just not applicable,” said SecuriThings CEO, Roy Dagan. “With SecuriThings’ Two-Click Deployment, system integrators and organizations can protect video surveillance deployments quickly and easily, without having to physically retrofit each device.”

Product benefits include:

  • Complete visibility and control over IP cameras
    Monitors every element of the IP cameras’ deployment to ensure total visibility. Devices and users are all taken into account to assess the overall risk posture of the video surveillance solution, as well as the risk level of each individual entity.
  • Fully managed IoT security service

Provides continuous monitoring by expert analysts who alert, investigate and mitigate all threats.

  • Quick and simple deployment

Seamlessly integrates with new or deployed IP cameras, using existing infrastructure and leading VMSs.

  • Reduced maintenance costs
    Reduces maintenance costs by preventing malware infection and the excessive wear that it causes.
  • Assured quality of service
    Enables security integrators and video monitoring service providers to deliver uninterrupted, quality service.

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About SecuriThings

Established in 2015 by veterans of the Israeli Intelligence Corps and cybersecurity industry professionals, SecuriThings is headquartered in Tel Aviv with offices in New York.

SecuriThings provides a fully managed IoT security service to customers including: Telcos, IoT service providers, physical security, smart city integrators and operators.