Report on HackMiamiCon6

HackMiami held its 6th Conference in 2018.  And this year we had another new location, tho it wasn’t the organizers fault.  🙂  The previous location suffered a fire, so this year they moved to Seacoast Suites.  This limited them a bit, as the rooms were not as spacious as with the Deauville.  And there were few food options within walking distance as with the Deauville. 

That aside, I thought overall they had another great conference.  This year they did an electronic badge, but this was a limited-run add-on, due to cost.

Two days, both kicked off with keynote addresses.  Both were good, and the second day we had Jack Daniel, who is kind of the father of BSides.  There were a good mix of talks and presentations, even a few longer workshops in the evening.  I spoke on the second day on cyber resilience/disaster recovery.  With the recent hit by Irma in Florida (and Maria in PR), I felt this was a good topic. I think it overall went well.

Congrats as always to the HM folks for putting on this conference.  Am surprised that they have already set the date and location for the 2019 conference, and will be back at the Deauville!  Registration is even open on their website!

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