Malicious Android app…

…that nevertheless does what it says on the tin. Er, battery…

ThreatPost: – MALICIOUS APP INFECTS 60,000 ANDROID DEVICES – BUT STILL SAVES THEIR BATTERIES – “A battery-saving app that also allows attackers to snatch text messages and read sensitive log data has been downloaded by more than 60,000 Android devices so far…“Although the app these scam pages send users to does its advertised function, it also has a nasty secret—it infects victims’ devices and comes with a side of information-stealing and ad-clicking,” Yonathan Klijnsma, threat researcher at RiskIQ, said in a post on Thursday.”

An interesting example that bears out a definition of Trojan that I’ve used for decades – “…a program that pretends to offer some useful or desirable function, and may even do so, but whose primary function is something you don’t expect it to do, and wouldn’t want it to if you did.”

David Harley

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