CCNA Exam Information and Overview [Updated 2019]


So you have decided that the CCNA certification is the right path for you. The next step, even before you begin to study, is to understand what is required of you to get CCNA certified. Therefore, what we will do in this article is to look at the CCNA certification exam in detail, highlighting the format of the exam, the passing score, the cost, and where you can take this exam.

Note: This article is about the CCNA Routing and Switching certification. For the sake of brevity (and old habit), we will refer to it simply as CCNA.

Before we continue, I will like to point out that there are two ways to become CCNA certified:

  1. Pass one exam – CCNA Composite The current exam number is 200-125 CCNA.
  2. Pass two exams – ICND1 and ICND2. The current exam numbers are 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2.

People have different theories about which route to take. If you don’t have any networking experience, then you may want to take the step-by-step approach: ICND1 and then ICND2. However, if you do have some experience in networking or you are looking to recertify, then you can go for the CCNA Composite exam which is more advanced (and challenging) than each individual exam.

On the other hand, it may be more time-saving to prepare for only one exam rather than two individual exams. If your will is strong enough, and if you perhaps have a time constraint, perhaps you should consider going for the CCNA Composite exam all in one go.

Caution: Please do your own research before coming to a conclusion.

In this article, we will focus on the CCNA Composite exam because it is more direct for achieving the CCNA certification. However, most details in this article will also (Read more...)

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