50 Essential Cloud Security Blogs for IT Professionals and Cloud Enthusiasts

With revenue from the cloud computing sector expected to hit $411 billion by 2020, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are shifting their services to the cloud where flexibility and speed make it attractive for organizations looking to leverage a strong competitive edge. But operating in the cloud also gives rise to a range of security concerns.

We’re doing our part with the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® and our newly launched Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program℠. And since we believe that informed people make better decisions, we’ve made it part of our mission since day one to pass on reliable security information through the Threat Stack blog. Given the rapid pace of change in cybersecurity — along with the growing need to deal with infrastructure in transition as organizations build and manage increasingly sophisticated tech stacks — current, expert content is essential to good security.

Now, as proud as we are of our own blog, there’s a huge amount of excellent information produced by other organizations. So in this post, we’ve compiled details on fifty leading blogs that help professionals stay abreast of the latest news, information, and technologies related to cloud security.

Whether you’re looking for information on security trends, answers to hard core technical issues, or advice that will help you shape your organization’s security strategy, dive in and start indulging your love of all things related to cloud security.

To guide you, we’ve divided the blogs into the following five categories:

Note: There’s no implied ranking or preference in the lists that follow. All of these blogs provide great information and show a real commitment to excellence.

News and Information Blogs

These blogs bring insights from various industries on cloud security topics.

1. Infosecurity Magazine


Infosecurity Magazine

There’s no need to leave your house if you want to attend a security conference. Just attend one of the virtual events hosted by the magazine and endorsed by leading security specialists. Infosecurity also frequently posts articles detailing cloud security concerns among different industries.

Three posts we like from Infosecurity Magazine:

2. CSO



Security professionals in charge of managing cybersecurity receive valuable insight on some best practices to use in that fight. The blog receives contributions from some of the top security minds in the world.

Three posts we like from CSO:

3. Security Week


Security Week

This respected publication is a go-to for leading IT leaders and security professionals. They provide in-depth analysis of the battle constantly being waged against threats to cloud platforms.

Three posts we like from Security Week:

4. Cloud Computing News


Cloud Computing News

Over 200,000 subscribers rely on Cloud Computing News to keep them up to date on the latest trends and best practices relating to cloud computing. The digital magazine often focuses on different aspects of cloud security.

Three posts we like from Cloud Computing News:

5. Computerworld



Computerworld touches on a wide range of cloud security topics ranging from using the cloud with cryptocurrency and managing technology from different cloud vendors.

Three posts we like from Computerworld:

6. Computer Weekly


Computer Weekly

Get insights from over 750 contributors knowledgeable about all aspects of cybersecurity. Find out how CIOs and CTOs manage the challenges of protecting cloud assets.

Three posts we like from Computer Weekly:

7. SC Magazine


SC Magazine

SC Magazine highlights the sobering reality of the type of headlines generated by failures in data security protection. They show why its important for adoptees of cloud architecture to have proper security protocols in place.

Three posts we like from SC Magazine:

8. eSecurity Planet


eSecurity Planet

eSecurity Planet brings readers access to everything from tutorials to analysis of the latest cloud security trends. It’s another great resource for security enthusiasts and professionals.

Three posts we like from eSecurity Planet:

9. Cloud Pro


Cloud Pro

CloudPro focuses on the business intelligence aspect of cloud architecture. The UK-based blog provides articles from the perspective of businesses transitioning to or looking into moving onto a cloud platform.

Three posts we like from Cloud Pro:

10. ZDnet



ZDNet provides 24–7 coverage of news related to the technology industry. They often highlight important topics related to protecting data housed on cloud platforms.

Three posts we like from ZDNet:

11. Dark Reading


Dark Reading

Get news on the latest threats being faced by businesses all over the world trying to protect assets and keep up trust in users. Find out how cloud vendors and security personnel fight against botnets, malware, and other threats trying to work their way through cloud platforms.

Three posts we like from Dark Reading:

12. CIO



Get news and analysis on the continued efforts to bring public and private cloud platforms up to the security standards needed to fight against hackers. Get insight on the different approaches being taken by different providers.

Three posts we like from CIO:

13. Compare The Cloud


Compare The Cloud

Get news, videos, and live broadcasts of discussions concerning what’s current in the world of cybersecurity. Find out about the various tools being employed by leading industry pros.

Three posts we like from Compare The Cloud:

14. Channel Pro


Channel Pro

Keep up with the struggles of enterprises as they transition from traditional infrastructure to the world of cloud architecture. Get an inside view of the strategies being employed to protect data and keep the trust of users.

Three posts we like from Channel Pro:

15. Help Net Security


Help Net Security

Help Net Security gives you an independent view on different aspects of cloud and cybersecurity. Find out about the latest issues plaguing security pros and what they’re doing to combat theft of personal information.

Three posts we like from Help Net Security:

16. Data Center Journal


Data Center Journal

The Data Center Journal covers a number of topics of interest to IT industry professionals. They frequently write articles touching on the concerns of those managing security on cloud architecture.

Three posts we like from Data Center Journal:

17. Health IT Security


Health IT Security

The healthcare industry faces its own unique challenges trying to meet federal requirements to protect the personal health information of patients. Consume information from webcasts, in-depth articles, and industry white papers.

Three posts we like from Health IT Security:

18. InfoWorld



InfoWorld hails from the IDG family of computing blogs. This one highlights different aspects of cybersecurity and the way it’s applied to cloud structures.

Three posts we like from InfoWorld:

19. Krebs on Security


Krebs on Security

Brian Krebs is an independent investigative journalist who writes about cybercrime. With thousands of articles under his belt, both at the Washington Post from 1995 to 2009 and now at Krebs on Security, his blog is a leading news source for both cloud security professionals and anyone with an interest in cybercrime.

Three posts we like from Krebs on Security:

20. Tech Republic


Tech Republic

Learn more about the latest in cloud technology from top cloud vendors like Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM. Be one of the first in the know about the newest advances in cloud security.

Three posts we like from Tech Republic:

21. Info Security Buzz


Info Security Buzz

ISBuzzNews is an independent source of news and analysis about what’s currently happening in the world of information security. Keep up with the latest in how various industries handle new regulations and threats to cloud platforms.

Three posts we like from Info Security Buzz:

22. Securosis



Securosis researches the challenges faced by companies trying to maintain sound security protocols in the face of cyber threats from around the globe. Founded by the former Research Vice President of the Gartner security team, the company hopes to help businesses find ways to manage processes faster and more securely while saving money.

Three posts we like from Securosis:

23. Bank Info Security


Bank Info Security

This multi-media website helps point companies toward the best tools available for risk management and keeping information safe. They frequently post interviews with insiders offering a unique perspective on the security challenges they face every day.

Three posts we like from Bank Info Security:

24. CloudTweaks



Read about cloud security from the perspective of security enthusiasts who’ve followed the advances of the cloud over the past decade. You’ll also get the scoop on the latest trends to watch for in cybersecurity.

Three posts we like from CloudTweaks:

Cloud Security Expert Blogs

These blogs are from leading experts in security and cloud technology.

25. Rick’s Cloud


Rick's Cloud

Rick spent 20 years overseeing product development and technology strategies for Fortune 500 companies. He uses that experience to clarify technology topics including cloud security.

Three posts we like from Rick’s Cloud:

26. The Last Watchdog


The Last Watchdog

Bryan Acohido is a Pulitzer-winning journalist with a long career bringing important security topics to the forefront. He provides you with his own insight and often brings in other experts for a different take on different subjects.

Three posts we like from The Last Watchdog:

27. Graham Cluley


Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley’s been at the forefront of security challenges since the early 90s. He’s now an independent analyst looking to provide his own blunt take on security breaches and how consumers can best protect themselves.

Three posts we like from Graham Cluley:

28. Security Affairs


Security Affairs

Founded by hacker and security analyst Pierluigi Paganini, this blog brings to light the ways cyber criminals go about trying to steal information. The grim headlines shore up the importance of putting strong security protocols in action.

Three posts we like from Security Affairs:

29. Channel Futures


Channel Futures

Get all the news and insights you can handle from this independent technology network. They get answers from the top minds in the field on topics related to cloud security.

Three posts we like from Channel Futures:

30. The New Stack


The New Stack

The New Stack looks at the impact of tools built by developers and start-ups on the world. They focus on future-thinking technology and exciting new prospects.

Three posts we The New Stack:

IT Vendors

These blogs come from organizations that are creating technology to maximize the benefits of the cloud.

31. SumoLogic



SumoLogic provides machine data analytics to companies from around the globe. Their network of professionals often provides analysis and suggestions on best practices for cybersecurity.

Three posts we like from SumoLogic:

32. Zettaset



Zettaset helps companies by providing encrypted solutions for data center and cloud deployments. They aim their services at industries like healthcare, finance, and e-commerce.

Three posts we like from Zettaset:

33. Cipher Cloud


Cipher Cloud

Cipher Cloud helps companies enact high-level security controls as they move their infrastructure to the cloud. Businesses from over 25 countries rely on their services.

Three posts we like from Cipher Cloud:

34. Equinix Blog


Equinix Blog

Equinix brings businesses together with their partners and customers within data centers located around the world. They often focus on the importance of maintaining a high security standard for cloud infrastructure.

Three posts we like from Equinix Blog:

35. DoubleHorn


Double Horn

DoubleHorn developed a cloud brokerage and management platform giving clients the freedom to manage every aspect of their cloud account for any provider. Find out how they feel about the need to enable strict cloud security standards.

Three posts we like from DoubleHorn:

36. Formtek



Formtek provides its content management software to industries like manufacturing, engineering, and aerospace. They believe strongly in the importance of building a solid cloud security base for any services or tools deployed to the cloud.

Three posts we like from Formtek:

37. Skyhigh


Sky High

Skyhigh helps businesses control the flow of data over the different cloud platforms they use. Now owned by McAfee, the technical professionals there often provide guidance on using different tools and some best practices for managing services for different cloud vendors.

Three posts we like from Skyhigh:

38. Cisco Blog


Cisco Blog

Gain knowledge and insights from top minds currently employed by networking giant Cisco. Learn about their different approaches to cloud security.

Three posts we like from Cisco Blog:

39. Security Intelligence


Security Intelligence

Read and learn from IBM’s top security resources. Find out what’s going on in the world of cybersecurity and what different vendors are doing to combat the threat of data theft.

Three posts we like from Security Intelligence:

Cloud Vendor Blogs

These blogs offer advice and best practices from various cloud providers.

40. Google Cloud


Google Cloud

Google’s Cloud Platform provides hosting, storage, networking, big data, and machine learning services to developers. Those who love the platform should be following this blog to get the latest on the most recent development advances.

Three posts we like from Google Cloud:

41. AWS Security Blog


AWS Security Blog

Amazon’s security blog helps technical professionals and enthusiasts understand different aspects of the platform. Come here for detailed explanations on current and new features.

Three posts we like from AWS Security Blog:

42. Alibaba Cloud


Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud provides a suite of cloud hosting services to international companies as well as the Alibaba Group, a well-known e-commerce international giant. Get their insight on how enterprises should handle cloud security concerns.

Three posts we like from Alibaba Cloud:

43. IBM Cloud Security Blog


IBM Cloud Security Blog

Hear directly from IBM Cloud professionals as they walk you through the best ways to approach security management for their cloud infrastructure.

Three posts we like from IBM Cloud Security Blog:

Cloud Security Education and Training Blogs

These blogs bring you opportunities to receive more education on cloud security practices.

44. Cloud Academy


Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy focuses on the business intelligence aspect of cloud architecture. The UK-based blog provides articles from the perspective of businesses transitioning to or looking into moving onto a cloud platform.

Three posts we like from Cloud Academy:

45. Cloud Security Alliance


Cloud Security Alliance

Dive into content covering everything from Security to Big Data. Get certified in all aspects of managing cloud platforms by taking courses for Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS.

Three posts we like from Cloud Security Alliance:

46. ISC2



ISC2 works to promote a culture of professionals who fully understand what’s needed to face down security threats. You’ll find tons of content and explanations of the different certifications you might be interested in pursuing.

Three posts we like from ISC2:

47. Intrisec



Take a leap into the field of security by signing up for one of the courses offered by the site. There’s also a blog with frequent updates on cyber and cloud security topics.

Three posts we like from Intrisec:

48. DZone



Join over 1,000,000 developers looking to find out everything they can about building applications with cloud technology. There’s an abundance of free documentation available to everyone interested in creating a strong cloud infrastructure.

Three posts we like from DZone:

49. Azure Security


Azure Security

There’s nothing better than going to the source when it comes to learning about properly securing different aspects of Azure. Get whitepapers, learn about best practices, and start going through the proper check downs as you learn to manage the platform.

Three posts we like from Azure Security:

50. Infosec Institute


Infosec Institute

The institute allows you to take classes online or in a classroom setting. They provide you with a wealth of documentation on different certification paths and boast a 95% pass rate for their courses.

Three posts we like from Infosec Institute:

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