Rise of the (Serverless) Machines

Earlier this week, at the Microsoft Build conference 2018 in Seattle, PureSec unveiled the world’s first and only serverless security runtime environment for Azure functions (I actually demonstrated it live on stage). As stated in our press release, this means that organizations using AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, or both, can now secure their serverless applications against app layer attacks, with the exact same cutting edge intelligent serverless runtime protection.

Securing Azure Functions with PureSec

Putting the multi-cloud support aside, there’s something more fundamental in this announcement.

PureSec is committed to securing serverless applications anywhere and everywhere. Since the first day we founded the company, one of our key messages was that we believe serverless will eventually revolutionize how software is being developed and deployed – we understand that serverless architectures will eventually spread out of the public cloud, which is why we decided to invest heavily in making our serverless security solution, platform and environment agnostic. The exact same technology that successfully protects our AWS Lambda customers, now secures our Azure Functions customers. This means that customers don’t have to re-apply security controls, or use a different security stack, when moving their functions around – from staging to production, or from one cloud environment to another.

In fact, this was one of our guiding design principles, which is also listed as #2 in our “6-Principles of a Good Serverless Security Solution” document.

You might be asking yourself why is it so important for PureSec to provide the same kind of serverless security protection on every platform? Isn’t it enough to support AWS Lambda and Azure Functions in the public cloud?

Well, during this week at the Microsoft Build 2018 conference, I got a taste of some of the most amazing and cool implementations of Azure Functions, running on IoT/Edge devices – from autonomous drones running AI algorithms , to IoT devices for controlling anything you can possibly imagine (you simply have to watch the talk below!)

Hopefully we all understand the importance of securing mobile back-end serverless functions, or securing hybrid-cloud serverless functions, however, these new developments in the serverless world, now put serverless functions in mission critical environments, that must be protected from application layer attacks.

Our insistence on developing a platform-agnostic serverless solution was a visionary decision. PureSec understands that serverless will change the world, and that we are tasked with providing our customers with the best-of-breed serverless security solution, that will protect their functions anywhere and everywhere, without sacrificing performance or accuracy, and most importantly – without any hassle. 

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