Open-source hasn’t disrupted security…yet

I’ve written before about how I feel open-source technology will prove disruptive in the security industry. Having recently returned from a week in San Francisco for B-Sides SF & RSA, which is known as the annual pilgrimage for “Infosec Sales,” I feel that way now more than ever. The growth in adoption of open-source technologies may indicate that people are starting to get more comfortable with the concept or ability of their still being enough room for innovation that companies can charge for what they develop on top of “free” open-source projects. Coming back from the premier sales conference for the information security industry is a great showcase for why I’ve come away with that thought. Let’s explore…

The big differentiator in open-source is the open part. That in and of itself is not any specific technical piece… but what does that lead to? Having an “open” project or tool leads to visibility, collaboration, and community. open_window

With the freedom that “open” allows taken to an additional level, you can get interoperability, and an entire different tier of community as projects interact and try to work together. Much as I have a bit of dread for RSA proper, the week in San Francisco let me see where a bunch of those things are taking us, and confirmed some of my “good” suspicions about what’s going on in the security industry. 

At B-Sides, open-source software and open-ness were both still in full effect. Some that stood out: I saw a (Read more...)

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