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The Customer

If you ask Director Phil Long, the success of TechSolvers Ltd has been their laser focus on proactive customer service and strong client relationships. TechSolvers is located 16 km north of London and provides managed services to small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) as well as IT consultancy for larger companies. Phil oversees both sides of the business and explains, “We have a small, dedicated team that is completely customer-service driven. We truly care about our client base and, along with the expertise and chemistry of our team, this enables us to deliver a higher quality of managed services and exceed expectations.”

The Challenge

Phil’s biggest challenge has been finding proactive measures that ensure his clients’ IT environments stay secure. “For our team,” he says, ‘continuing to be proactive is a major thing. With changes we have seen in the types of threats and the increased number of devices and applications on our customers’ networks, visibility is critical. More than half of the clients we serve are small businesses with different security and budget requirements. We need a solution that enables us to constantly monitor their systems and that extends the capabilities of our team so we can deliver the best solution for each client.”

The Solution

An AVG-Avast partner for three years, TechSolvers made the switch from Kaseya to the latest cloud-based version of Avast Business Managed Workplace. “At the time,” says Phil, “the billing was very complex with the Kaseya solution, and we needed a straightforward system to simplify the process for our team and our customers. On a day-to-day basis, we are using Managed Workplace’s monitoring, patching, and antivirus, which are critical to us. We provide these services right from the start to ensure clients are up to date and secure. Managed Workplace helps us see everything on our customers’ networks, any software changes over time, failings on an HP server, or even monitoring the sizes of files for high-level email users. We get alerts that go right to our help desk which generates tickets, and we can take fast action.”

To Phil’s help desk team, which receives fifty calls a day, the remote control aspect to Managed Workplace is critical. “The integration of an on-demand remote tool is amazing,” Phil lauds. “It’s reliable and just works. We have the ability to point a client to a code on demand, and this is built in at no additional cost. We don’t have to spend £600 for a TeamViewer or LogMeIn license, or send an engineer onsite. We also use this for our client training. If we can hop on a PC instantly with clients, that’s brilliant.”

The Results

Working with the AVG-Avast team has rewarded TechSolvers with multiple benefits, including:

  • The ability to be proactive with their customers’ security needs
  • Access to flexible and robust security solutions
  • Reduced costs (by £1.7k per year)
  • No further need to purchase LogMeIn Rescue licenses
  • Efficiencies in responsive service through automated alerting and scripted remediation

“When I’m presented with a challenge,” adds Phil, “I can use Managed Workplace to fix it and prevent it from happening again in the future. This enables us to be properly proactive going forward and this is huge for our team and clients.”

This year, one of Phil’s large retail clients had problems with a third-party antivirus solution. TechSolvers was able to quickly provide a standalone antivirus subscription to Avast Business CloudCare. “They ran out of licenses and could not get the new licenses installed in time, so they called us. Our [Avast] account lead James Bevan helped us out quickly and we were able to get all of the licenses installed within two days. This is the customer service we are known for and proud of. This flexibility is massive for us.”

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