When achieving compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the amount of time spent by organizations attempting to define and decipher what regulation articles are applicable to a business can be overwhelming. We have broken down the regulation into chapter summaries, and also into three parts. Each part focuses on specific sections of GDPR.

PART 1: Definitions, Principles, and Rights

With 99 articles to review and comprehend, navigating the GDPR can be a challenge. Organized and broken down into sections – including a complete checklist-  the first three chapters of the regulation covers Articles 1-23. The breakdown of those chapters and articles follow below.


Chapter 1: Define, Define, Define

The GDPR welcomes you by defining the regulation objectives, and additionally defines territorial scope and terminology specific to the GDPR.

With a focus on  fundamental rights and freedoms for individuals, the processing of personal data is introduced, and reviewed.  (Read more...)