Cloud Workloads: Not the same ol’ endpoints

This may sound like common sense to developers, but securing the assets in your cloud requires you to recognize just how different a cloud workload is from a user asset. While the high level strategy is nothing new, legacy solutions cannot simply be repurposed in your cloud due to some very straightforward barriers to each fundamental goal.

System Hardening: AMIs often decay, but for different reasons

No regulation is complete without some requirement for hardening the systems in your organization because there’s no debate over its value. The security community has its share of pundits who oversimplify the ease of system hardening (“just patch on time and don’t let users be stupid”), typically neglecting the reality that users often need to change their optimally-secure configuration to maximize their productivity. Pretending that end users can always operate without local administrator privileges or installing new software, no matter the role or remote location, is like pretending everyone fully understands Apple’s terms and conditions.

Taking this same challenge to cloud assets means contending with a whole new set of exception cases. You no longer have to think about users changing their own laptop to do their job faster, but you must accept that developers are going to need to modify a production system or tweak a configuration file. When your production environment experiences a disruption, your team is going to do whatever it takes to prevent an outage, even if that means modifying base images and rolling them out without qualification. And if (Read more...)

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