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Sometimes testers need to be tested too. We’re always up for
a challenge!

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How do you know which security products to buy? Many rely on
independent tests to help in the decision-making process. But how do you know
if a test is any good or not?

The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) has been working to create a Standard that will give
you, the customer, some assurance that the test was conducted fairly.

Earlier this year AMTSO has been trying out its Standard,
which it has been working on for many months. SE Labs is proud to be involved
in this initiative and the testing for this report has been assessed for compliance
with the Standard.

If that sounds a bit dry, what it means is that there are
experimental rules about how a tester should behave and we have put ourselves
up for judgment by AMTSO.

Did participating in this process change the way we worked? Yes,
but not in the technical ways that we test. Instead we turned the testing
world’s business model on its head.
Many testers charge vendors money to be
tested. Some will test regardless, but charge money if the vendors want to see
their results before publication (and have the opportunity to make requests for

We think that the dispute process should be free for all. SE
Labs has not charged any vendor for its participation in this test and we
provided a free dispute process to any vendor that requested it. In this way
every vendor is treated as equally as possible, for the fairest possible test.

UPDATE (10th May 2018): We are extremely proud to announce that our 2018 Q1 reports have been judged compliant (PDF) with the AMTSO Draft Standard v6.1 – 2018-05-10.

If you spot a detail in this report that you don’t
understand, or would like to discuss, please contact us via our Twitter or
Facebook accounts.

SE Labs uses current threat intelligence to make our tests
as realistic as possible. To learn more about how we test, how we define
‘threat intelligence’ and how we use it to improve our tests please visit our
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