The Standoff, Google’s Project Zero & Microsft’s Unpatched Windows 10 Bypass

  Alert the Media! We're Going Public With The Lockout Bypass Flaw!

Alert the Media! We’re Going Public With The Lockout Bypass Flaw!

Liam Tung, writing at ZDNet, regales us with a brief soliloquy on Microsoft Corporation’s ((NASDAQ: MSFT) unpatched Windows 10 Lockdown Bypass flaw, and news of Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Project Zero denial of an extension (to Microsoft’s powers-that-be) in the annoucement of said unpatched pernicious flaw.
Microsoft required an additional 90 days to fix the issue… Must be quite busy in Redomond with the re-org and demotion of the Windows product line, into – fundamentally – a non-business line (should have been executed years ago)…


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