The Grayshift Predicament

I am sure you have all read the news of Grayshift’s issues battling extortionists and their ilk. I have, however, not seen any significant commentary regarding the data theft this SNAFU could facilitate.

Here’s the thought problem (looking for culpability, specifically): A Law Enforcement agency has taken custody (adhering to standards of Generally Accepted Chain of Custody guidelines) of a suspect’s iPhone. Unbeknownst to the trusted Sworn Officers and Forensicators (often, one in the same) examining the device, the Grayshift appliance undergoes an unfortunate successful attack – mounted by external miscreant(s) unknown, and succumbs to the exfiltration of all data on the applicance AND the slurped data on the iPhone.

Subsequent forensication by the Sworn Officers or Forensicators (again, often one in the same – at least in smaller agencies) entrusted with reasonable and prudent Chain of Custody of the device under scrutiny, discover that the Grayshift appliance AMD the suspect’s iPhone have both undergone the indignity of significant data. How does the Agency proceed in the effort to lay charges – or not – and protect the Agency, as well?

Oh, and while they are at it, perhaps they could explain why the device is attached to a forward facing TCP/UDP connect to our beleoved Interweb?


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