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RSA 2018: Preview the Latest Phishing Trends and Intelligence Report

RSA 2018 is nearly here and with it PhishLabs will unveil the emerging cybercrime trends and intelligence contained within this year’s Phishing Trends and Intelligence Report.

In addition to this year’s PTI report findings, our Director of Threat Intelligence, Crane Hassold, will be onsite discussing how he discovered and tracked the recently indicted Iranian’s tied to the Mabna Institute.


This year we analyzed more than 1.3 million confirmed malicious phishing sites in 2017 that resided on nearly 300,000 unique domains, which uncovered some interesting shifts in the cybersecurity landscape. Now the primary target for threat actors is going after the enterprise (organizations) in place of consumers. This correlates with additional findings such as a shift in which industry (SaaS) is making up the largest piece of the target pie, as well as evolving tactics in play and an even a wider adoption of different technology.

However, what remains a common theme year-after-year is that regardless of the medium, tactic, or target, humans are still the largest vulnerability. This year PhishLabs has invested in and reinvigorated our security awareness training solutions in response to the findings in this year’s PTI report, and will also be discussing how organizations can better defend against the evolving threat landscape.

Interested in getting more insight into this year’s PTI report? Join us at RSA at booth 2235, South Expo. You can chat with our team, catch a demo, and snag some cool swag. You can also pre-register for the PTI report here and receive it as soon as it becomes available.

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