Jelastic Shield 5.4 Upgraded Cloud Protection with Firewall Management and Private Network Isolation

Gaining more cloud security and managing access to the applications with improved user experience

Palo Alto, Calif., March 24, 2018Jelastic, Inc., Multi-Cloud DevOps PaaS, announced a new product release named Shield 5.4, highlighting its main target on security enhancements. Within this release, the platform was upgraded with a new firewall management system, private network isolation and a set of other features demanded by customers.

“The guarantee of security is considered as one of the main requirements among our cloud customers, and that’s why we keep improving Jelastic platform in this direction by adding private network isolation and enhanced functionality for firewall management,” Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO.

One of the major features of Jelastic 5.4 release is a newly implemented possibility to manage inbound and outbound firewall rules on the container level through a convenient graphical interface. A number of default rules is automatically added to the inbound section to make the node operable.

“5.4 version bought us possibility to more fully satisfy our customers, especially financial industry, with security level and access management. Also, it is worth mentioning the added capacity to use post and pre-deploy script that simplifies DevOps processes. Jelastic become even more complete and powerful solution for developers! We love it,” Matthieu Robin, Hidora CEO.

Also, an automatic network isolation was implemented to prohibit any unallowed connections between different environments. This results in another essential newly added possibility to create secure environment groups, intended to isolate environments of a single account from each other. Platform automatically creates a dedicated IP set for each isolated group, which is composed of the appropriate containers internal addresses. This allows to control access between nodes of each environment.

“Security is one of our main concerns as a cloud hosting company. We want to provide the best security features for our users and that is why we are glad to make this new Jelastic platform release available at Canadian market,” Alexandre Barfuhok, Sphere48 CEO

In confines of Jelastic Shield version, there were added a number of other demanded features and improvements, among them:

  • Extra Environment Layers for All Supported Middleware Stacks
  • Go Language Support via a Specially Packaged Middleware Container
  • Webhooks for Application Build and Deploy Operations
  • Built-In Web SSH Console
  • HTTP 2.0 Support for Jelastic Shared and Dedicated Load Balancers
  • UI/UX Improvements
  • Deployment Improvements
  • Cloud Scripting Engine Optimization for Improved Serverless User Experience

“The released features provide the functionality to apply appropriate security policy to container environments. So now the companies and users can block all types of access for more effective protection of their applications. We are excited about a new platform version launch and a possibility to reach the highest level of customers satisfaction,” Sidimar Carniel, Saphir CEO.

A full list of the Jelastic 5.4. release features, improvements and bug fixes with detailed description can be reviewed in Release Notes. A newly launched product version can be already tried out by registering at one of the upgraded Jelastic service providers.

About Jelastic

Jelastic is a robust solution for hosting providers, enterprises and developers combining the benefits of PaaS and CaaS in a single turnkey package. Its rich interface simplifies complex cloud deployments by automating the creation, scaling, clustering and security updates of microservices or monolithic applications. Jelastic has a unique pay-as-you-use pricing model and is available as public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud in more than 60 data centers worldwide. The platform provides support of Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, .NET, Go environments and custom Docker containers. More info is at