Infrastructure Management Has Evolved – Has Your Continuous Monitoring?

Despite there being hundreds of software solutions focused on monitoring, today’s operations professionals lack the assessment and detection coverage they need in their CI/CD infrastructure. Software applications have reached an inflection point in the pace at which businesses are evolving their operations, and so a new approach is needed for continuous monitoring.

Modern infrastructure is evolving and legacy monitoring tools won’t work

Companies won’t change overnight, but the infrastructure management evolution has begun and innovative organizations aren’t waiting for legacy monitoring tools to adapt. Even at the most classic technology companies, developers are using Macbooks and running their business applications on ephemeral Linux systems.


When the virtual machines or containers in your cloud infrastructure have the life expectancy of a mayfly, the entire way your monitoring tools recognize an asset needs to change.

If, like me, you get phone calls from family members asking what to do about the message on their computer screen, you’ve known the pain of trying to fix what you cannot see. Now, consider hundreds more systems without even a non-technical user telling you what’s happening there. This is what it’s like when someone in operations is asked to determine what’s wrong with systems which aren’t effectively monitored. Knowing which systems you have, what is running on them, and how they are configured is equally fundamental to security, product operations, and IT operations.

It starts with gaining enough visibility to enable analysis

That’s the problem osquery was created to address: visibility into the unsupported systems. The (Read more...)

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