Cybersecurity Silver Linings

Cybersecurity is getting better, not worse.

While the headlines of the past several years cast dark shadows on whether what we, as an industry, have been up to for the past several decades matters – it is not all negative.

But, I submit, Cybersecurity is getting better not worse.

As the opening keynote speaker at RSA Conference 2018, I highlighted our successes – our cybersecurity silver linings.

Marcus Buckingham, a leading business expert, has spent years studying breakthrough performance. His recipe for lasting success is simple. Double down on your strengths. Just do more of what is working and do it faster.

“When you study lastingly successful people, you find that they have one thing in common: they focus on their strengths and manage around their weaknesses.”

We should consider this approach in cybersecurity. We need to pay attention not just to the technology of defense, but the psychology of defense. The spirit of the defender matters as much as the shield she or he wields. For years we have motivated ourselves by the fear of what happens if we fail. Lets inspire ourselves with the glory of what we enable when we are successful.

Lets focus on silver linings as the blueprint for our current strengths, the fuel for our spirit and a catalyst for the advances yet to come.

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