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Candidates aspiring to pass the certified in the governance of enterprise IT (CGEIT) exam need to study the right material from authentic resources to secure an elite score on the first attempt. The following sections describe the best CGEIT resources, including the best books, study guides, online resources, practice exams, and online forums and discussion boards. The candidates must be mindful of these specific CGEIT resources to best prepare for the CGEIT exam.

What Is the Best Book to Help Prep for the CGEIT?

ISACA’s official bookstore provides a variety of study material for CGEIT candidates. This material includes several books (both print and electronic) that are available in English, Chinese, and Japanese. Below is the detailed description of the book, along with two publications that will help candidates prep for the CGEIT exam.

CGEIT Review Manual, 7th Edition: This manual is designed to assist CGEIT candidates in preparing for the CGEIT exam. It ensures that the aspirants have assurance responsibilities or significant advisory with regard to the governance of enterprise IT. The book features an easy-to-use format and covers all the CGEIT job practice areas thoroughly. The candidate can use this book alone for CGEIT review courses or as a stand-alone exam prep publication. The CGEIT Review Manual incorporates self-assessment questions and answers, terms and definitions, and resources for further study.

  • Format: eBook/Book
  • Number of Pages: 266
  • Language: English
  • Product Code: EPUB_CGM7ED

You can buy the CGEIT Review Manual 7th Edition, either in print or electronic version, from ISACA’s official bookstore.

The following publications are used as primary references for CGEIT exam prep. These publications address CGEIT Job Practice Areas (Domains) and enterprise’s IT governance realm.

IT Governance for CEOs and Members of the Board: This book was written by Bryn TT Phillips and is recognized (Read more...)

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