Why I’m Going to RSA 2018: CA Veracode’s New SVP of Engineering

RSAC 2018

Paiman Nodoushan has been working at CA Veracode for about two months. In that time he’s met a lot of his peers and claims he already remembers over 50% of their names, no small feat. Jokes aside, he’s been getting to know his team, our projects, and the ins and outs of our entire SaaS operation. In our quick interview he describes the team at Veracode as hard working and passionate, and goes on to point out that:

“One thing that I don’t think people actually realize is how difficult it is to build a whole SaaS operation. From pre-sales through sales, to engineering, product management, and to post-sales, connecting to all the backend systems that exist – it takes years for companies to go and build that.”

We’re lucky our Founders had the foresight to keep us focused on a SaaS model in our earliest days, and that we have a leader like Paiman joining us to help drive further improvements in those operations. Paiman is headed to the RSA Conference with many others from the CA Technologies and Veracode teams, this will be his first RSA Conference ever.

Why Attend RSA?

Paiman lists three things he’s looking to accomplish at the RSA Conference this year:

  1. Meeting Customers
  2. Hearing from Competition
  3. Learning

Be sure to catch Paiman at the CA Veracode booth this year and watch the full interview below to get to know him some more.

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