Information security is an exciting and rapidly growing field for individuals who are interested in protecting users and their data. In an effort to map out the industry as a possible career choice, we recently conducted research into the top 10 infosec jobs based on overall pay grade. We now continue with the second part of our two-part series.

#5: Malware Analyst

A Malware Analyst is responsible for helping an organization understand the viruses, worms, bots, Trojans and other malicious software that threaten its network on a daily basis.

In this capacity, Malware Analysts commonly work with Forensic Computer Analysts and incident responders in the event of an intrusion and/or suspicious computer behavior to help identify malicious programs that may have infiltrated an organization’s computer systems. This involves conducting static and dynamic analysis of the suspicious code in order to establish signatures of the malware’s presence as well as developing tools that can help protect the organization’s networks against future intrusions.

Malware Analysts make a median salary of $92,880, says PayScale. They can expect to earn at least $66K, but some can take home as much as $118K a year.

#4: Security Manager

A Security Manager is a mid-level employee who manages an organization’s IT security policy. Soft skills such as leadership and strong interpersonal and communication skills are therefore crucial for Security Managers to be successful.

Individuals who are interested in becoming a Security Manager must be prepared to create and execute security strategies based on the input from the Security Director and/or the CISO. They must also test and implement new security tools, lead security awareness campaigns and administer both department budgets and staff schedules.

Security Managers make on average a salary of $104,914. They can expect to earn at least $71K, according to PayScale, but those in larger organizations can make (Read more...)