PureSec Announces Ran Nahmias as VP Business Development & Sales

PureSec is pleased to welcome Ran Nahmias, as our new VP Business Development & Sales.

With over 25 years of working in the cyber security industry, Nahmias brings broad
experience to PureSec as it looks to expand its global footprint. He is an exceptional
technology evangelist with a proven track-record of entrepreneurial product management, in both small startups and Fortune 100 companies, focused on building high-growth, cutting edge products and solutions.

Most recently, Nahmias was the senior director of cloud and strategic initiatives at Aqua Security. Prior to this, he was Checkpoint’s [CHKP] regional head of threat
prevention and cloud security for the Americas. He also held positions at Microsoft
Corporation [MSFT] as a solution architect in the sales organization, and as a director of business development and field engagement.

Today, Nahmias is based in the Seattle, WA area.

Nahmias makes a strong addition to PureSec’s growing organization and we look
forward to the business acumen, technical expertise, and cyber security engineering
experience that he brings to the team.

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