Joining forces with Palo Alto Networks

When Justin Lundy and I founded nearly five years ago, we set out to make cloud security a less painful experience than the one we experienced. We thought that the work of security needed to be shared across an organization – not just set aside for security teams to enforce, block deployments, and remediate risks as they uncovered them.

We set out to build a tool that would make security evident for builders, DevOps, security, and compliance professionals. We wanted to shorten the distance between identifying risks in their cloud infrastructure and taking the necessary steps needed to fix the issues. The approach we took was to create a cloud security platform that was unrivaled – every customer workload, every cloud – and could manage security, compliance and incident response from one pane of glass.

Our approach resonated with customers, making us not only a pioneer but also a leader in the cloud infrastructure security space.

Today marks an exciting milestone for our company. Palo Alto Networks, the leader in public cloud security, has announced its intent to acquire

When we combine’s technology with Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, we will add comprehensive storage security and risk exposure to our continuous public cloud monitoring and compliance reporting. This combination will provide teams complete and continuous security and compliance at the speed with which cloud environments need to operate.

With Palo Alto Networks and

  •    Developers can deploy applications confidently, knowing they are minimizing risk by following industry and the organization’s best practices.
  •    Teams can simplify operations to speed deployments without sacrificing security using deep integrations that extend cloud native capabilities.
  •    Organizations can continuously validate compliance of cloud deployments with customizable compliance reports (e.g., CIS, HIPAA, SOC2, PCI, NIST, ISO).

Seeing how our products and cultures will align gives me great confidence that this is a terrific opportunity for our customers, partners, and our team. Together with the incredible people at Palo Alto Networks, we’ll be fast on our way to delivering new, innovative offerings that benefit from our combined expertise.

I invite you to watch a brief video where I was able to sit down with Palo Alto Networks chairman and CEO, Mark McLaughlin, and president, Mark Anderson, to discuss the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for us all.

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