How to Install and Configure the Netsparker Cloud Scan TeamCity Plugin

This article explains the how to use the new Netsparker Cloud TeamCity plugin  to integrate Netsparker Cloud with TeamCity, to enable our advanced functionality.

Downloading and Installing Netsparker Cloud Scan’s TeamCity Plugin

The Netsparker Cloud Scan TeamCity plugin is packaged into a zip file called This package has been tested and approved for TeamCity version 9+.

To Download and Install the Netsparker Cloud Scan TeamCity Plugin
  1. Open Netsparker Cloud. From the menu, select Integrations then New Integrations.

  1. From the Continuous Integration Systems panel, select TeamCity.The TeamCity Plugin Installation and Usage window is displayed.

  1. Click Download the plugin, and save the file to a location of your choice.
  2. Open TeamCity.
  3. From the Admin window, click Global Settings. The Global Settings window is displayed.

  1. From the TeamCity Configuration section, next to the Data Directory field. Click Browse.
  2. Select the file you downloaded previously, and upload into the plugins directory.
  3. Finally, restart TeamCity. When TeamCity’s services start, it will look for the plugin packages in the plugins directory and automatically load them.

Configuring the TeamCity Project

Each TeamCity project has its own build configuration. Each build configuration has its own build steps. The Netsparker Cloud Scan must be added to a TeamCity project as a build step.

How to Configure the TeamCity Project
  1. Open TeamCity. From the Admin window, click Netsparker Cloud under Integrations section. The Global Netsparker Cloud API Settings window is displayed.

  1. In the API Settings section, enter the API credentials: Netsparker Cloud Server URL and API Token.
  2. Click Test Connection.
  3. Click Save.
  4. From the main menu, click Projects. The Projects window is displayed.

  1. Under projects page, select the build configuration to which you want to add the Netsparker Cloud Scan plugin. The Build Configuration window is displayed.

  1. Click Edit Configuration Settings. The Build Configuration Settings window is displayed.

  1. Click Build Steps, then Add build step. The New Build Step window is displayed.

  1. From the Runner type: dropdown, select Netsparker Cloud Scan. Further fields are displayed.

  1. In the Scan Settings section, select the relevant Scan Settings (Endpoint parameters).
  2. Finally, click Save.

Viewing Netsparker Scan Results in TeamCity

When the build has been triggered, you can view the scan results in the (under build results page) Netsparker Scan Result tab.

How to View Netsparker Scan Results in TeamCity
  1. Open TeamCity. On your Projects window, click the Netsparker Cloud Report tab. If the scan is not yet finished, a warning message is displayed.

  1. When the scan has been completed, the scan results, NETSPARKER CLOUD EXECUTIVE SUMMARY REPORT, are displayed.

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