Forrester Urges Organizations to Use Cloud-To-Cloud Backup For SaaS Data Protection

Forrester predicts that the SaaS market will grow to $157 billion in 2020 as companies continue to follow the trend of moving their data from on-premises to the cloud. Have you made the jump yet?

If you have or plan to do so, it’s important to realize that while you might be accustomed to protecting on-prem data, you may not be as familiar with the necessary protocols required to protect your SaaS data – so we’re here to help.

Here’s a quick snapshot of everything that is included in an updated Forrester Report, “Back Up Your SaaS Data — Because Most SaaS Providers Don’t.” The report aims to educate you about why organizations should have cloud-to-cloud backup in place for SaaS applications like Microsoft Office 365, G Suite and Salesforce to ensure SaaS data protection – which is our specialty.

Interestingly enough, although it is stated in nearly every SaaS provider’s terms and conditions that clients are responsible for protecting their own data, admins and tech leaders are often shocked to find this out. Not realizing this early on has led to a rude awakening for some who have experienced an instance where data has been lost and the SaaS provider is unable, for a myriad of reasons, to recover it.

As Forrester highlights, SaaS providers are only responsible for backup in instances of power failure, infrastructure failure or a natural disaster. Otherwise, organizations are responsible for the recovery of data lost due to accidental deletion (data corruption or rogue applications) or security attacks (hacking, malicious insiders or departing employees).

Back up your SaaS Data Because SaaS Providers Don't

When it comes to protecting critical information, you can never be too careful with risks such as accidental deletion or security attacks. If data is lost, organizations will need to not only put resources behind recovering the data (if even recoverable at all) but may also be unable to operate for a period of time.

It’s not practical for organizations to custom-develop adapters or connectors to protect their SaaS data and it’s unrealistic in today’s environment to expect customers to wait days or weeks for an organization to recover lost data. A cloud-to-cloud backup solution, like those offered by Spanning, is ideal for backing up your data when compared to taking a hybrid approach. We’re experts in this area, so take it from us that a simplified way to automatically backup critical data with granular recovery capabilities is best! This will enable you to find and restore lost data with as little pain as possible, which will allow you to focus more of your time on moving your business forward.

As crucial data continues to make the move from on-prem to the cloud, leaders like you must proactively mitigate risks instead of waiting for a loss to occur. In order to protect your business, make sure you’re well informed about your SaaS provider’s backup and restore policies and work with a cloud-to-cloud backup provider to automatically backup your critical data, including metadata and audit logs from one cloud to another.

Here at Spanning, we’ve always got you backed up.

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