Cloud Security This Week – March 9, 2018

New from Custom Signature Provides Protection in New Wave of DDoS Attacks
Only one week after a massive DDoS attack knocked GitHub offline, a new attack dubbed “Memcrash” used the same methods to hack a U.S. service provider by targeting memcached servers. A new custom signature from can help organizations avoid the same fate.

Post-Webinar Recap: Compliance in the Cloud in 2018
An overview of the key topics discussed in our recent webinar, where Matt Willman, Principal Architect for FedRAMP at Jive Software and John Martinez, VP of Solutions, answer key questions and share their experience when it comes to driving value from compliance in the cloud.

All Security is Cybersecurity
In many organizations, physical and cyber security are treated as separate functions, but that’s no longer a sustainable approach. Nowadays, all security has a cybersecurity component to it.

The Evolution of DevSecOps Revisited
Have SecOps and DevOps been effective in fostering collaboration of the seemingly contradictory teams to align their disparate goals into a singular effort or have they slipped into the primitive security models of the past? Our panel of experts discussed relationship between DevOps and SecOps and explored whether or not it has evolved to be as harmonious as we hoped.

News and Perspectives on Cloud Security
Massive DDoS Attack Hits Memcached Servers Days After GitHub Outage
Just a week after code repository GitHub was knocked offline by the world’s largest recorded distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, the same technique has been used to direct an even bigger attack at an unnamed US service provider.

Cryptomining Malware Found to be Rampant
According to Bad Packets Report, nearly 50,000 websites were found to host some type of cryptocurrency mining malware, and almost 5,541 WordPress websites were infected with malware as part of cryptojacking campaigns.

Cloud Computing is Eating the World: Should We Be Worried?
Cloud computing is now pervasive, and it’s drawbacks very well known. Users keep flocking to it and finding value, but here are some considerations they mustn’t ignore.

NSA Leak Reveals Agency’s List of Enemy Hackers
A series of leaks that started in 2016 sheds light on how the NSA is collecting information on the world’s most advanced and stealthy hackers.

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