What?s It Take To Be Tomorrow?s CISO?

What do the cloud, mobile apps, Twitter and chief information security officers (CISOs) have in common? None of these were around 25 years ago, but advances in technology have created capabilities and careers that were inconceivable less than a generation earlier. Today, no business is without a web site, e-commerce is a necessity and even local businesses have apps.

As integral as the internet has become to the life of individuals and businesses, its pervasiveness has also served as an invitation to the criminal element that wants everything from your money to your reputation or your personal information. The result? Impacts that range from minor inconveniences to extinction-events. The role of the cybersecurity professional arose from the need for full-time protection against full-time criminals. It may have started in technology geekdom, but it is rapidly transforming into a legitimate path to the C-Suite.

Tips for CISO Success
We spoke with members of the Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC), a group of security leaders from global 1000 enterprises, to learn more about the top technology skills necessary to be a successful CISO. It quickly became evident that technology knowledge alone is not sufficient to prepare security professionals for the broader leadership exposure and responsibility that is now theirs for the taking.

Today’s CISOs need to be more strategically savvy and elevate their thinking to be keenly aware of not just how to protect their company, but how to enable business growth, manage risk, and display the traits of leadership (Read more...)

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