Human Factor Podcast: Jenny Radcliffe and Chris Boyd

A little while ago, I was invited to take part in Jenny Radcliffe’s Human Factor Podcast. With 44 episodes strong (and counting!), Jenny spends an hour or so talking at length with her guests who are professional investigators, security advocates, all-round educators, tireless consultant/conference organisers, and many more besides.

In Episode 41, you’ll hear me talk about:

[00:01:00]: How I originally became interested in computers as a child
[00:04:00]: Some of my non-infosec work
[00:07:55]: Why my original career plans fell through
[00:13:00]: A slight—okay, more than slight—detour into mainland China
[00:30:00]: Some of the earliest security research I took part in and old school adware vendor wars
[00:34:54]: Why companies need to invest in writers, public facing research, and active conference participation
[00:37:00]: The rise of DIY scams, games company compromises, privacy policies, and the possible perils of virtual/augmented reality
[00:44:15]: Trying to predict a problem and getting people to listen
[00:49:00]: The human side of security
[00:51:09]: Drawing from outside influences for conference talks
[00:56:30]: New, unexpected horrors

I also recently gave a Q&A talk with The Many Hats Club, and once that session is online, I’ll add it to this post. For now, thanks in advance should you decide to tune in and have a listen to either recording!

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