Apple emergency calls: no ifs or butts?

CBS Sacramento: Since October, Apple Has Made Around 1,600 False Alarm 911 Calls From Elk Grove Facility

CBS says: “On average, Elk Grove Police say they’ve received 20 accidental 911 calls a day from Apple, roughly 1,600 calls since October. Hudson says the calls take valuable seconds away from calls that could be real life-and-death emergencies.”

For Sophos, Lisa Vaas asks “Which device needs smelling salts?”, pointing out that iPhones and 4G Apple Watches can make emergency calls  without a SIM card or contract.  She also points out that “On older iPhones and on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, a user can rapidly press the Side button on the right of the device five times to activate its new Emergency SOS feature, which was introduced in September.”

In the days when I got around a lot more than I do now, I made a few ‘butt calls’ from my cell phones, but at least none of them – as far as I know – managed to call emergency services…

David Harley

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