Essential security automation and orchestration (SAO) capabilities

Security automation and orchestration (SAO) solutions help security teams manage a growing volume of alerts and incidents more efficiently by automating manual response workflows. Today, large organizations receive up for 150,000 security alerts per day, and the average security operations (SecOps) team can only manually investigate about 30% of these alerts. Understanding the key capabilities you need in a SAO solution can help you significantly improve SecOps and address every alert.

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What is SAO?

Security automation and orchestration, or SAO, combines technical capabilities and built-in processes to automate manual and time-consuming security management tasks. It centralizes security operations and incident responses tasks to speed up Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) in order to better defend your organization from advanced attacks. By improving these incident response processes, analysts can focus their attention and expertise on serious security issues rather than tedious tasks. SAO can help significantly improve security operations, reduce security risks, and protect your organization from advanced attacks.

SAO Benefits:

SAO improves SecOps by:

  • Helping track security tasks and processes throughout the enterprise
  • Prioritizing threats
  • Centralizing all security information
  • Standardizing incident response processes
  • Automating time-consuming tasks
  • Delivering incident response metrics to help make informed security decisions
  • Improving real-time oversight
  • Enabling you to do more with your existing SecOps team
Requirements for an effective SAO solution

Your organization can only benefit from a SAO solution if you have the right capabilities in place. Without the essentials, your SAO solution will just become another product in your complicated IT infrastructure. Your solution must prioritize:

  • Comprehensive functions within a single platform
  • An API-first architecture that supports simple integration into existing security solutions
  • Architecture built for extensibility and scalability (including HA/DR)
  • A user experience that ensures maximum productivity for end users and administrators

SAO with Swimlane

Swimlane offers all the essential SAO capabilities you need to improve security within your organization. The solution offers a comprehensive set of SAO functions that include:

Security automation

Automatically execute sequences of tasks related to a predetermined security workflow without any human intervention. This simplifies security alert management, allowing your team to respond to most alerts at machine-speed with your staff only spending time looking at the alerts that require human attention. If necessary, the automation of tasks can be more advanced, moving beyond just singular workflows and executing more complex workflows that are part of comprehensive “playbooks” based on unique security team rules and procedures.

Security orchestration

Orchestration coordinates all of your people, processes, and technology to leverage existing capabilities and improve security. It allows you to integrate workflows across multiple independent security systems to collect and centralize relevant event data, provide consolidated incident response context, and initiate actions on third-party systems.

Case management

SecOps teams need a way to centralize all aspects of a security incident or alert. The Swimlane dashboard interface provides a single screen for analysts to interact dynamically with all data and critical components related to the case. This centralization makes it easy for users to execute a variety of incident responses tasks without having to toggle between screens. This dynamic style of case management speeds up investigations, enforces process compliance, and expedites closing more security alerts.

Reporting and analytics

Integration into third-party tools provides reporting and analytics across all of your security solutions. Comprehensive insight into these metrics allows your team to understand existing security vulnerabilities and make educated decisions about how to change and adapt. Your team can view cases in-progress, alert levels, threat intelligence, and more.

Scalable architecture

The Swimlane solution is built using an API-first architecture to integrate with an extensive array of IT security and operations platforms. This setup allows you to scale horizontally, adding capacity where needed across the enterprise, and to scale vertically allowing you to concentrate processing power in designated areas. The Swimlane solution also utilizes a multi-tenant architecture for flexible configurations for both enterprises and MSSPs.


The Swimlane UI is easy to use and can be customized based on each users’ unique needs. Data can be displayed in a variety of ways, allowing users to create an environment that best serves their job duties. The solution’s centralized interface helps increase productivity and decrease administrative overhead to provide you with quick ROI.

Improve security operations with SAO

Utilizing a robust SAO solution is the best way to improve security and protect your organization. Never worry again about a single alert slipping through the cracks and wreaking havoc on your critical data and systems. Investigate every alert with a solution that streamlines incident alert management and provides you with a comprehensive understanding of security.

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