How to get off of Facebook, quickly

For those of you like me, who have become increasingly creeped out by Facebook but have not bothered to get off since they do not make it easy (a very anti-social characterstic for such a social site, btw…) –   here's an alternative to deleting one or two pictures a day (for a year):

"Also, your page could disappear if you break Facebook's rules. Violations include using a personal page for business, putting contests and promotions in updates, and advertising in the cover photo. If you get kicked out, your contacts are gone, too — including satisfied customers who may have Liked your page over the previous months or years."

Assuming you are okay with violating Facebook's advertising policies, this should get you off in no time at all. 

Given how little I have been blogging lately (and how low my page views are), I suppose it would be silly to ask anyone who has done this and feels like talking about it to comment, but…you never know, and comments are enabled.

I do plan to give this a whirl, and promise to let the faithful few (if that) reading this know how it went….


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