Crossfit: Forever Strong

Let me first start this post off with an assurance I haven’t forgotten the series.  I’ve been working on a few articles, however I keep finding vulnerabilities in things I wanted to show, so I have to wait till i can find something I can.

However, since those articles aren’t ready for the public yet, I wanted to write about something else important to me– my family’s health.  A few months ago I reached out on the tweeters for ideas on a “bootcamp” style work out program.  One of my coworkers (dasfiregod) answered that crossfit might suit my needs.  It did, and then some.

I did a quick search online for gyms near us and found a handful.  I’ve always been interested in a military style/cross functional program– and this struck a nerve right away.  I visited one of the gyms, and immediately fell in love with the place.  I forced convinced my wife to join as well– and such our journey began.

Fast forward six months later.  I personally have lost 20 pounds since starting.  My wife has had similar results and hasn’t been at her current weight since high school.   My body fat percent was somewhere around 28% or so when I first started– it is 19.2% now.  The results speak for themselves.

But it’s more than just the results– the gym I go to (crossfit forever strong) has become like a 3rd family.  I wish I could explain this better, but the people there genuinely get excited and care about you and your growth.  Many of the people even go to my church– one of which was in a preparation for marriage course 5 years ago.  I have never been excited to go to a gym… until now.

So– there is hope.  I am not unique, but I thought of some tips to share:

  • Water is important.  I drink about 1 gallon of water a day now.
  • Your mind wants to play tricks on you.  You ARE capable– let your body do the talking.
  • If that’s not helpful, use music.  It’s the lubricant that lets me ignore the evil noises in my head.
  • Paleo diet is a great portion of our success.  It took a bit to transition, and we aren’t zealots.  I put cream in my coffee.
  • Hard work and amazing trainers (Jason & Sally) are the other portion of our success.

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