Giving in.

I am somewhat bummed out to announce that I am now an owner of an iphone 4s.  I recognize that’s not something normally worth of grief– so I should explain.  If you’ve ever met me, one of the things I don’t pull any punches with is my disdain of Apple.  With out going into a long history of grievances, lets just say I don’t see eye to eye with much of how they operate.  I made the mistake of reading “iCon”, a biography on Steve Jobs*.  Since then, I had effectively vowed not to do business with the man or company.

But here I am, buying an iphone.  wth.  I expect that this decision will get me countless amounts of teasing from my friends– but that’s okay.  Perhaps I deserve it.  I got the phone because it’s the best on the market, is kind of a depressing statement of the market.  I’ve had a windows phone 7 developer phone on loan for some time now.  It’s a great phone, but it’s a developer/beta phone and has lots of ‘quirks’ that don’t make it viable for long term (I am also switching carriers).  That said, I love the phone.  It’s decently powered, with an okay camera, and leaps and bounds better than the windows 6.5 I owned before that.  Also, being a long term .net developer, the idea of writing my own software was kinda neat.

So my hope was to find a nice new windows phone 7 device.  With verizon, however, there is currently only the trophey.  While this is an okay phone, if I am going to have a phone for at least two years, I want it to be top grade.  My phone is a valued tool for my work.  I started to look into what was coming out, and was very excited about the HTC Titan– at first.  The reviews I read said over and over the same thing– good phone, but old news.  The specs for memory were not good, the processor was a single core, and comes with a small amount of hard disk space.  The biggest drawbacks where it’s bad resolution on the screen and it only boasts a 720p video recordings… something I do a lot of with my kids.

As much as I love the windows phone 7 OS– I can’t justify waiting 2 months to purchase yesterday’s technology.  It doesn’t make sense.

Which left me to decide between the droid bionic and the 4s.  The droid and 4s had very similar specs over all, except the droid is like a brick in your pocket.  I’ve had brick in pocket phones before, and I just can’t go back to them.  I mean, the droid could swallow my current phone it was that big.  The final clincher was omnifocus.  Work provided me a mac book pro**, and I’ve fallen in love with omnifocus.  It helps keep my otherwise cluttered brain reasonably straight.  Having it on my phone and syncing to laptop is a total win.

So that is the story.  I could try and justify it any other way, but men hold themselves accountable for the decisions they make.  I bought the phone because its the best on the market and it makes the most sense.


* This does not mean that I am an advocate for Gates either– but the differences are indeed fairly large tween the two.
** The mac book pro I’ve had for the last year has literally been the worst computer I’ve ever owned.  It was unstable, crashed frequently (including my Defcon talk), and just was bad news.  I recently brought it in, as it’s likely due to a bad video card.  The new laptop has not crashed on me yet, though ironically the MS office suite seems to be unstable as late.


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