Hi all

I’ve been severely negligent with my blogging lately. And this post is not one of my more detailed ones.

I’ve had an exceptionally busy few months – both outside of work and at work. At some points, you just gotta keep your head down, bum up and only surface when you need air. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

I’ve recently had the privilege and pleasure writing for – and so some of my time has been spent submitting articles for them. Hopefully you will be reading more of them soon. I’ve had my hands in a lot of pies outside of work in other non-security endeavours, which have been taking a lot of my time but no less rewarding.

A lot has happened this year, between the rise and fall of Lulzsec, Anonymous, Wikileaks and the ongoing Cablegate saga, changes in Australia with regards to ratifying the Convention on Cybercrime and more. I know this phrase gets thrown around a lot, but the world really is changing at an increasingly faster pace than we are able to adapt. Events are unfolding before our eyes that require our attention and yet, so much is happening to take our eyes off the ball.

If I can post one random thought, if what you see troubles you enough to want to act on it, pick one issue closest to you and run with it. You can’t fight forest fires on multiple fronts. You can only fight one fire at time. We all have our gifts and we need to be using them in ways that can yield the best efforts for the least amount of effort.

– J.

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