The unofficial BruCON party guide (plz RT)

The third edition of BruCON is about to happen and I’m really looking forward to it. This is an attempt to the Hitchhikers Guide to the… euhm… fun bits of BruCON. Besides the workshops, presentations and training of BruCON, there are also some social events you can attend. So here we go.

First is SushiCon, the pre-BruCON get-together at a Japanese restaurant. Details here. After dinner we’ll head for the Belgian beer heavens. You can just join us for a beer later as well. Check Twitter for last minute movements.

Second main event is of course the BruCON party @ Havana Club on Monday evening! Feel free to throw some events of your own and list them on the wiki. For ad-hoc meetings, follow the #brucon hashtag.

The BruCON wiki also has a small list of bars / restaurants (plus recommendations of beer) etc you can explore! It’s far from complete so please expand this page based on what you know or discover!!

Now what about Travel aka How to get around? Apart from the basic BruCON Travel page, here are some tips:

Once in the city, the metro/tram will probably be your main mode of transportation! The metro connects the BruCON hotel (Ibiz) with the city center (Grand place) and the BruCON Venue @ VUB. Check out this awesome Google map with all of the known BruCON (party) locations. (hat tip to @5M7X)

Metro Stops: Here is the network map of the Metro:
Payment: You can get a pre-paid 10-journey card at newsstands and vending machines at the stations: (if they sell the MOBIB one, it’s RFID based on Calypso). The difference between the MOBIB and the JUMP card is that the JUMP also allows you to take the train between the different Brussels stations (but not beyond Brussels).

Getting from Ibiz hotel to Grand Place:
Take Tramway route 4 direction GARE DU NORD. At 8:08, get off at stop BOURSE (5 min.) or alternatively, you can walk for +-25 minutes.
Getting from VUB (BruCON) to Grand Place:
Walk to stop DELTA (3 min.). Take Metro route 5 direction ERASME. Get off at stop GARE CENTRALE (12 min.) and walk to Grand Place. (check Google map)
Getting from Ibiz hotel to VUB:
This PDF map from VUB explain all the possible transits from all major stations (South (Midi), Central and North)

So I hope this helps. Have fun but keep it safe! See you all at BruCON!

UPDATE: First new event on Saturday already popped up (hat tip to Andreas):

Moeder Lambic feat. Stone Brew Co. 30 Belgian beers on tap, 30 US specialty beers from Stone Brewing Co on tap, and to finish it off, the Cantillon Zwanze will be served on saturday. Historic event not to miss for any beer geek. Date: Saturday, 17th @19:00

Keep checking the events page for updates!!

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