InfoSecMentors @ BruCon 2011

Next week the InfoSecMentors team will be attending BruCon! We’ve been looking forward to this particular event all year because BruCon has been a valued supporter for the project. BruCon is a great conference not only because their slogan is “Hacking for Beer” but because they’ve captured that great balance between the black t-shirts and the suits. The trainings, presentations, and workshops are all very affordable (and a steal when you hear about the included after-party!) We’re looking forward to learning a lot, meeting new friends, and drinking beer in amazing places.

This year, we’re hosting a mentoring workshop on the second day. This workshop will tackle both sides of the mentoring relationship. For the mentees, we’ll talk about ways to set yourself apart, how to efficiently do your homework, and what valuable benefits to expect from your mentorship. For the mentors, we’ll go over different activity ideas, how to keep your mentee engaged, and the value mentors get out of the mentorship. After that, we’ll put the question to the audience and try to define just what exactly counts as a successful mentoring relationship.

Our workshop panelists include David Rook (@securityninja), Chris Gates (@carnal0wnage), Wim Remes (@wimremes), and Marisa Fagan (@dewzi). We’ll start at 19:30 Tuesday with a short presentation and open the floor for questions and experiences. Hope to see you there!

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