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My blog kinda died down after being involved with BruCON and I wasn’t really planning on blogging again unless I had some good (original) content. Since I’m going for the JLPT1 certification in the next years, this may take a while. BUT I’ll make an exception today to support Wim.

A lot of us in the infosec community have a CISSP. The first reason is to bypass the HR checklist filters but is there really an added value besides it? I hear a lot of the people in this community being more critical with the years. Especially the CISSP code of ethics is something I think is too black and white.

But why only complain about it? Why not TRY to change things for the better. This is why Wim Remes has decided to try for a board election. I know him personally and I can vouch a 100% for him. Here are some of his points:

  • A closer collaboration with the information security community at large. This means recognition of what is currently considered to be an outlawish community but what I consider as a treasure trove of knowledge and capability that remains untapped. Either because we are afraid of what we don’t understand or because hackers are still suffering from a bad image. Not in my book!
  • A review of the certification requirements for the flagship (ISC)2 certification, the CISSP, in order to bring it back to the level it once was on. Ideally with the incorporation of more in-depth requirements on a technical level, requirements in soft skills and, possibly, the addition of a written paper requirement that would show the knowledge the candidate has acquired during the learning process. This last requirement would feedback into the community becoming a valuable resource for security professionals globally.
  • I am from Europe. I still feel that many of the subject covered by (ISC)2 and other organizations are focused on the US. My goal is to widen the efforts to a global approach that brings communities from different continents together instead of seperating them further. While there is a different in laws, culture, etc. across continents, I firmly belief that we have more in common and there needs to be a better collaboration in order to address the security challenges we have coming at us.

Check out more details here. Or listen to the latest Eurotrashsec podcast where he explains more about his views.

For the latest updates, follow the #wim4board hashtag on Twitter

Don’t just take my word for it. I can also see that I am not the only one who thinks this is a good idea. He has the support of a lot of good people.

You don’t have the certificate? Then give out a shout to him online and throw up a blogpost!

Got for it Wim!!!

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