InfoSecMentors at SOURCE Boston

We’ve been looking forward to April in Boston ever since last year when SOURCE Boston hosted a wonderful mentoring workshop. This week, Wim, Jimmy, and I will be attending the conference and hosting a mentoring workshop of our own! On Wednesday evening, there will be an interactive panel where we invite security professionals interested in the process of mentoring to come and learn about tricks and activities they can do with their mentee. Our panel of experienced mentors will be available to answer any type of questions. We also hope to brainstorm with our audience for new ideas for mentorship activities, like Open Source projects, CCDC, public speaking, and more.

Afterwards, it’s the InfoSecMentors Project One Year Anniversary! We’re inviting everyone out for drinks/snacks and networking with the mentors and mentees of the project. Look for more information in your SOURCE Boston schedule brochure.

The InfoSecMentors Project is going to be very active this year! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, @infosecmentors, to get the latest on our plans for scholarships, publications, and the party at Brucon!

To hear us discuss all of this, and much more, (more than you could ever want!!) listen to my interview with the EuroTrash Security Podcast Episode 20.


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