is this the death of PGP innovation?

It has been a little while since my last post, I have been manic. The big news for me has been the recent purchase of PGP by Symantec. I make it no secret, although I try not to promote it here, that I think the PGP product set is a great platform for encryption. I love the way the product platform fits together than delivers the company slogan, defending data to the core. It is a Ronseal slogan, it does what it says.

All business, no matter how big or small, rely on data, without data you cannot function no matter what your business. Think about it, even if you don’t have computers you still keep financial records, transaction histories, customer information. All examples of data. PGP deliver a great product suit that gives end to end protection and has the widest spread of products delivering the most protection in the market.

My only worry is that with Symantec taking them over (along with several other encryption businesses) that the innovation and product diversity will start to dwindle and we will lose what has been, up until now, the market leader with regards to encryption. Their boast used to be that they were agnostic only delivering encryption products rather than a whole portfolio of products with encryption being one of them.

I am interested to see how this develops, especially now that Symantec has binned its consulting division, and I hope that Symantec value the strength of the PGP product portfolio as much as I do and keeps on funding the innovation rather than just absorbing it into their ever growing range of products.

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