Three strike law threatening Belgium and "The Internet is freedom"

I saw this Datanews article (Dutch) that a Senator has proposed a three strike law for copyright protection in Belgium. I hoped that this insanity would stay in the UK and France but it seems it has come to Belgium as well. Spying on citizens and disconnecting them from the internet is not the way!!

As the internet has become a central part of our lives, it’s becoming a basic right and need like electricity and water. And every person has the right to have it. You can’t regulate a market that refuses to innovate and protect their “dying way”. Labeling our children as pirates or terrorists is not the way to solve this issue.

Just last week, the copyright watchdog SABAM in Belgium was accused of not paying 200 million euro (zita) due fees back to artists. Yet, “pirates” are accused of causing all the issues.

I hope that everyone involved in this discussion takes 30 minutes to look at this presentation of Lawrence Lessig below that he gave before the Italian parliament. He explains it better then I ever could. Have a look! Take the time!

Blog and tweet about this. Engage others and write to your elected politicians. Don’t sit idle!

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