Scottish Ruby Conference & Breaking things with Ruby

Just had the first day of the Scottish Ruby Conference. The venue was awesome, there’ll doubtless be lots of good pictures up on places like flickr in due course, but here’s a couple I snapped with my Nokia n900. The three track rooms were the Conference Hall, the Great Hall and my personal favourite the “new” library.

The talks were interesting as always, personal highlight for me had to be Jim Weirich managing to go from particle physics to functional programming seamlessly in a single talk!

my talk was on breaking things with ruby and was a pretty quick look at the world of penetration testing and some of the cool projects (primarily Metasploit) which use ruby in this area. My slides can be found here and if people are interested in more information on the topics I covered here’s some good linkage to start with.


The Main Metasploit Website . This is the best place to start. There’s also a wiki and source code repository on their redmine site here

Metasploit Unleashed. This is a free training course from Offensive Security which offers a good place to start with Metasploit, and covers a lot more ground than I could today.

Blog-wise there’s a couple of places I consistently find good information on Metasploit. Carnal0wnage’s blog and the Dark Operator blogs have lots of posts on what can be done with Metasploit, as well as the Official Metasploit Blog of course.

Also on twitter following @hdmoore, @carnal0wnage and @egyp7 is a good place to start.

Lastly if anyone’s looking for videos demonstrating Metasploit, there’s quite a few on Security Tube amongst other places.

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