The endpoint is nigh

I have been playing with endpoint device control lately, different products from different vendors and I must say they offer some very good features. It has been a bit of fun deploying these tools, breaking machines and totally restricting their functionality and then working out how to make them work again.

It has been a great exercise, these products are great at controlling devices however I also get the sense of false security as they also offer the opportunity for things to slip through the net. You have to be very careful with the configuration, too tight and people can’t work, too slack and there is no point in having it, it is finding that balance and the constant tuning that is required that kills this as a viable solution for me.

To me endpoint device management is quite a messy way to control your environment, after all, why do people have it? Typically to prevent things being copied that should not be, however if they have the ability to get the data as far as their machine then it is pretty much too late by that stage.

The bottom line is I can think of easier ways to prevent data loss and stop people from copying your data.

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