"Google Hacking" made easy

sort of…

A lot of people use Google to find information on a “target” or “mark”. A lot of times this is either a person, organization or machine. If your mark is a person, there is now a web service that can do this easily, The New York Times outlines this with the article When Googling a Person (or Yourself) Isn’t Enough.

Okay, so these services have been around and the end of the world didn’t show up. This is a typical kind of piece that is important to know about, but not to lose sleep over. The information that Pipl finds is not generated by searching databases that are normally off-limits. It does dig a bit deeper than google does by default, but all the info is still public. The bigger question when you find something about yourself that you didn’t expect is how did the original recipient of this information make it public and why did I not know.

I think Pipl is a good thing because it allows average people find information that nefarious people may have found anyways. Thoughts?

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