More Bad News

Oh The Humanity!!

Nobody seems to be untouched by the Hindenburg economy. Right now there is so much hatch battening happening that nobody can afford to move forward. What does this mean to security practitioners (other than having to do more with even less)? It means that as attacks and attackers become more sophisticated, we as an industry, are not able to move into a good position to fight back.

Anecdotally, there are an astounding number of SMEs that have old systems and systems administrators/security folk have to put band-aids on everything from printers that are only a little broken to network security appliances that only have a small amount of vulnerability. Essentially, there are a lot of companies that offer services that are customizable by subscriptions. If you have cutbacks and now can not afford that IPS subscription, well, that’s too bad – it still has to work, somehow.

This is not so much of an informational post as a post to express solidarity among the admins of the world that have to make things run extremely smoothly with nothing more than two paper clips and rubber bands. Keep it going and keep smiling.

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