Open and Dark Web Research: Tips and Techniques

Cyber threat intelligence’s alignment with the traditional, OSINT processes of our intelligence community, law enforcement, and the military continues to grow. At Authentic8, a team of experienced cross-functional intelligence analysts builds “Flash Reports” for the readers to augment their OSINT techniques.

Authentic8 has packaged some of these reports to help researchers leverage cross-functional OSINT tactics in their mission to build actionable information, metrics, and countermeasures for the threat intelligence programs they support.

Reinforce your OSINT skills with a combination of real-world OSINT research tips and techniques:

  • Leverage cross-functional open and dark web research techniques outlined by our military, law enforcement, and threat hunting intelligence analysts.
  • Experience a deep dive into real-world OSINT research use cases detailing the tools, tactics, and processes applied.
  • Access a handy “quick guide” to social media research tools to help you widen the scope of investigations.
This complimentary download is offered by Authentic8.
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