Cisco Tetration: Securing All Phases of the Hybrid Cloud Journey

Tetration is a solution that offers many unique capabilities that are particularly well suited to help enterprises at all phases of hybrid cloud transformation, regardless of whether that journey is just beginning with a few virtual workloads or a small public cloud deployment or encompasses a vast, global data center environment.

  • It provides full-stack visibility across networks, platforms and applications, offering invaluable insight on the assets and posture of an organization’s hybrid data center state.
  • It can secure workloads using an innovative combination of communication-control “allow” listing, application segmentation and software inventory vulnerability detection.
  • It supports policy compliance with process behavior baselining and variance detection, detailed asset tagging, and quarantines and communication restriction for non-compliant assets.
  • It also offers rich capabilities in security analytics, threat detection and security process automation.

This eBook explores why Tetration may be the quintessential hidden gem in Cisco Security’s portfolio of cybersecurity solutions. It details Tetration’s multifaceted capabilities and highlights several use case scenarios in which the value of Tetration is illustrated in how it can solve the real-world enterprise cybersecurity challenges that accompany hybrid cloud data center transformation. 

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