Next Generation Cloud Directory Services

Next Generation Cloud Directory Services

A lot of IT organizations are making the switch to next generation cloud directory services these days. After all, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to continue leveraging antiquated on-prem platforms when there are more powerful alternatives delivered as a service from the cloud at a fraction of ... Read More
Managed user access to WiFi via RADIUS

WiFi Networks via RADIUS

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Managing user access to WiFi Networks via RADIUS can dramatically increase network security in modern IT organizations. The challenge is that RADIUS implementations have historically been costly and difficult to implement and maintain on-prem. Fortunately, a next generation cloud directory services platform has emerged to change that by shifting RADIUS ... Read More
Connect Google Cloud Identity with Linux<sup>®</sup>

Connect Google Cloud Identity with Linux®

Organizations all over the world are leveraging Google Cloud Identity to manage user access to G Suite™, Google Cloud Platform™ (GCP), and a select group of web applications. Yet, many of those same organizations are also leveraging Linux® servers via AWS® and Azure®, as well as Linux desktops on-prem. So, ... Read More
Cloud OpenLDAP Tool

Cloud OpenLDAP Tool

OpenLDAP™, as the name implies, is an open implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). As an open source directory services platform, it can be integrated with IT networks and customized to help admins manage a wide variety of LDAP-based IT resources. However, as the IT landscape continues to ... Read More
Identity Management 101

Identity Management 101

Identity management 101 is learning how to manage user identities and securely connect them to IT resources. And with all of the recent changes in the IT landscape, this IT management category is one of the most critical for IT organizations to understand. This blog post offers an overview of ... Read More
Unified Access Management for macOS

Unified Access Management for macOS®

Unified access management (UAM) is a new term that has recently been discussed by a number of analysts and firms. However, the term has been causing some confusion because it is generally used to describe a “new” approach to managing access to applications, rather than unifying access management for all ... Read More
Cloud-based directory services

Cloud-Based Directory Services

Cloud-based directory services have drawn a lot of attention in recent years. The thought of a universal identity management solution that doesn’t require anything on-prem is certainly part of the appeal. Why is this approach advantageous? Let’s take a look at the development of traditional directory services to find out ... Read More
Cross-platform system management

Cross-Platform System Management

System management refers to the process of administering devices such as laptops, desktops, servers and potentially other IT components. It is a foundational concept in any IT environment. The trouble is that traditional system management solutions have primarily focused on supporting the Microsoft® Windows® operating system (OS) and Windows-based systems ... Read More
Web-based RADIUS Server

Web-based RADIUS Server

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