A bored employee sits near a Delta-CLEAR station

Place Your Right Hand On This Glass

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One of the hassles of the Yahoo! breach was clearly the coming-home-to-roost quality of the mega-stupid 90’s era “something about you” secret questions, a relic of the “portal” fantasy-based business model, under which you were expected to voluntarily subvert the freedoms of the Internet by turning over all your new-found ... Read More

You Must Be This Tall . . .

Imagine going in to do an incident response at a fairly large customer that has no visibility within their firewalls, no intrusion detection, no sense of inventory, because they had no ability to run even the most basic of vulnerability scans across their network. If I just described something that ... Read More

Statement by Nick Selby on Bishop Fox / Muddy Waters Report

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Statement by Secure Ideas Response Team Director Nick Selby on the Report Issued Today by Security Consultancy Bishop Fox Media Contact: Ben Singleton JACKSONVILLE, FL, OCT 24. Today, a technical report was released by the technology consultancy Bishop Fox, that was based on research conducted by a ... Read More