How the “two-man rule” elevates mobile security

How the “two-man rule” elevates mobile security

You may be familiar with the “two-man rule” from the movies. Used as a control mechanism for critical actions like launching a nuclear weapon, the two-man rule requires two authorized individuals to independently initiate the action, such as by simultaneously turning keys in two separate locks within a control center ... Read More
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All eyes on mobile

Of all the data points contained in Zimperium’s recently released 2022 Global Mobile Threat Report, perhaps the most shocking is the spike in known cases of zero-day exploits being used in attacks against mobile devices. A zero-day exploit is one where the vendor is unaware of the corresponding vulnerability at ... Read More

Mind your smartphone location breadcrumbs

The location data we give up in using certain apps can be used by third parties to track our movements and infer our behaviors, preferences and beliefs. While this information may be relatively harmless when leveraged by a retailer or investor, there’s no telling who may ultimately gain access. In ... Read More

Mobile security is serious business

Verizon recently released its annual Mobile Security Index, an always-anticipated snapshot of experiences and attitudes among senior professionals responsible for their organization’s mobile security. This year’s results crystallize what we at Privoro have known for some time: that mobile devices are as indispensable to modern business as they are challenging ... Read More

Protecting High-Level Personnel from IMSI Catchers

In September 2019, attribution was given to Israel for the IMSI catchers discovered in Washington, D.C. two years earlier, shining light on the prevalence of these types of spying devices. Once used solely by law enforcement as a way of finding the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) linked to a criminal suspect’s ... Read More
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Privoro awarded expanded agreement with the U.S. Air Force

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I’m pleased to announce that Privoro’s agreement with the U.S. Air Force was recently expanded in both size and scope. Valued at $37.1 million over four years, the expanded agreement puts SafeCase on a clear and defined path to become the trusted platform for secure mobility throughout the federal government ... Read More
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The spies in our cell networks

CEO walks out of nondescript office building accompanied by COLLEAGUE. CEO pulls smartphone out of her purse to study a restaurant’s website. Her smartphone’s status bar blinks briefly to indicate a change in cellular connection status ... Read More
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A quick update on 2019 mobile predictions made in January.

So far this year, the surreptitious capture of audio and visual data via smartphone cameras and microphones has negatively impacted the world’s richest person and a beloved trillion-dollar company. It’s safe to say that awareness of this issue has reached the mainstream, increasingly forcing individuals, enterprises and product makers to ... Read More
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Thinking Like a Smartphone Eavesdropper

Think of the last time you received a sensitive piece of information. Perhaps it was news of a highly anticipated project at work finally getting the green light, or maybe a not-for-public-consumption update about a friend’s pregnancy. Now recall what you did with that information. Did you keep it to ... Read More

Privoro Announces Air Force Contract

I’m happy to share that the Air Force, through its Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, has awarded Privoro a prototyping contract for our government smartphone security solutions. You can learn more by reading our press release announcing the contract ... Read More