View Disassembly and Pseudocode Windows Synchronize Side-by-Side In IDA Pro [ Patreon Unlocked ]

Uncovering RPC Servers through Windows API Analysis

IntroHave you ever tried to reverse a simple Win32 API? If not, let’s look at one together today! This article serves as a hand-holding walkthrough and documents in detail how I analyzed a simple Win32 API: LogonUserA. Throughout the article, we’ll go over how to use some of IDA’s most ... Read More
Stalking inside of your Chromium Browser

Stalking inside of your Chromium Browser

| | Red Team
Revisiting Remote DebuggingOkay, you got your favorite agent running on the target machine. You did a process listing, but nothing interesting popped out. You searched through every possible thing, even the trash bins to find a clue of where exactly the user hid their secrets that could get you to ... Read More